Portrait Parlé : The Dopamines w/ Dear Landlord
Diego Pallavas w/ Justin(e)
Nina’ School w/ Black Sheep
Off With Their Heads w/ No Friends
Dirty Fonzy w/ Bad Chickens
Tumbledown w/ Yesterday’s Ring 7’’
Rise Against w/ Anti-Flag
Captain Black No Stars w/ Rasta4Eyes
McRackins w/ Los Di Maggio’s
Remains Of The Past, Anchored In Our Days : Cityscover w/ Last Exit To Brooklyn
Coalition : Forus w/ Actionmen w/ Hero Of Our Time w/ Play Attenchon
Burning Heads w/ Adolescents
Anyone Cares w/ Nichiel’s
Paris Rising : Danforth w/ Hardside
Chasing Paperboy w/ Mikey Randall
Witch Hunt w/ To What End ?
Bridging Ocean : Backsight w/ Kids On The Move
Deadline : Citizen Fish w/ Leftöver Crack
The New Wind And The Second Wave : Enemy Alliance w/ The Indecision Alarm
Old Timers : ISP w/ Unlogistic
Petit Hommage Entre Amis - Mini Tribute à Zabriskie Point
Skimo w/ Butter Snail
This Machine Makes Loud Records : Flying Donuts w/ The Joystix
Banner Pilot w/ Monikers
Shook Ones w/ Easel
Eric Panic w/ Indice Doktane
Ninjas And Guerilleros : Guerilla Poubelle w/ Coquettish
Operation Eat Shit w/ Youssouf Today
Pandit Djadje & His Divine Guys w/ Charly Fiasco
Betrayed w/ Champion
Nine Eleven w/ Burning Fight w/ Intruder
Incredible Rock Machine : Burning Heads w/ Uncommonmenfrommars
Disco 2000-2004 : Butterbeans w/ Guerilla Poubelle
Fifth Hour Hero w/ The Sainte Catherines
M-Sixteen w/ The Missing 23rd
The Sainte Catherines w/ Whiskey Sunday
We’re All Bastards : TV Program w/ Butt Melt
Weeping Minds Of Silence w/ Ximel
1000 Travels Of Jawaharlal w/ Aghast
Caustic Christ w/ R.A.M.B.O.
Nofx w/ Rancid
Fifth Hour Hero w/ Gunmoll
War Of The Worlds : Bad Astonaut w/ Armchair Martian
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