Against Me !
Cavalier Eternal 7’’

This Is Against Them

Guerilla Poubelle

Les Liens

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- Bad Bear (Dumb Resolution, Every Second Week...)

- Bad Taste Records (Satanic Surfers, All Systems Go !, Last Days Of April, Danko Jones...)

- Burning Heart (Millencolin, Refused, Turbonegro, The Hives, Randy...)

- Day After (Le célèbre label tchèque de Endstand, Children Of Fall, 1000 Travels Of Jawaharlal, Nine Days Wonder et bien d’autres !)

- Drive-thru Records (Finch, RX Bandits, New Found Glory)

- Enragé Prod (Tagada Jones, Nevrotic Explosion, Contra Legem)

- Epitaph Records (Bad Religion, Pennywise, Rancid...)

- Fat Wreck Chords (NOFX, Strung Out, No Use For A Name, Lagwagon, Mad Caddies...)

- Fearless Records (Bigwig, At The Drive-In...)

- Fight For Your Mind (Label français Punk / Crust / Anarcho punk / Hip Hop !!! Witch Hunt, Fall Of Efrafa, Tached Out, Happy Bastards, Cavalera, bien d’autres !)

- Funtime (The Maple Room, Cornflames...)

- Go Kart Records (Ten Foot Pole)

- Hopeless Records (Break The Silence, Thrice, Against All Authority...)

- I For Us Records (Label hardcore belge (Revive, Die Out, Amber Daybreak...))

- Jade Tree (Kid Dynamite, Strike Anywhere, Paint It Black...)

- Kung-fu Records (The Vandals, Tsunami Bomb, Useless ID, The Ataris...)

- La Fée Verte (Label Punk Hardcore brestois (Thrashington D.C.))

- Mass Prod (Mass Murderers, TV Men, Inner Terrestrials, Compils Breizh Disorder)

- Nitro Records (A Wilhelm Scream, Rufio, TSOL, AFI...)

- Overcome Records (LE label/Distributeur Breton !!! The Elektrocution, Milligram, Vitality, Nostromo, Like Peter At Home, Inside Conflict...)

- Paranoid Records (Label (Amanda Woodward, Hiretsukan) et Shop basé à Caen...Si vous cherchez un disque vous êtes au bon endroit !)

- Play/rec (Label Indépendant Danois (Lack, The Unit, Barra Head))

- Real Flame Prod (Crumble Lane,Kump Hoven,Waste No Time,...)

- Shattered Thought Records (Phinius Gage, Fifty Stars Anger, NRK, Ouzo, Toxcow...)

- Side One Dummy (7 Seconds, The Suicide Machines, Slick Shoes, MxPx...)

- Space Patrol (Impure Wilhelmina, Kraken Oxen)

- Sts Network (Full Screen, M-Sixteen, Thirty-Six Side, Hogwash, The Marxmallows)

- The Age Of Venus (Right 4 Life, Jetsex, 25 Ta Life...)

- Treadle Records (Le jeune label breton basé à St Malo)

- Vagrant Records (From Autumn To Ashes, Senses Fail, Alkaline Trio...)

- Victory Records (Snapcase, Catch 22, Comeback Kid, Streetlight Manifesto, Darkest Hour...)

- Youth Way Records (Side Issue, Twisted Minds, Mister Mc Fart...)